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Complex Uranyl Sulphites

By the addition of potassium bisulphite to a solution of uranyl sulphite in excess of aqueous sulphurous acid, a yellowish-green precipitate of composition K2O.2UO3.3SO2 is obtained. If the uranyl sulphite is treated with a limited quantity of sulphurous acid, golden-yellow crystals separate, which, according to Kohlschiitter, may be formulated 4UO3.4SO2.11H2O, whilst the potassium uranyl salt when treated in the same way yields the compound K2O.4UO3.5SO2. This, on treatment with water, yields uranyl sulphite and the complex sulphite K2O.3UO3.2SO2. The latter compound may also be obtained as fine, deep yellow, crystalline needles by treating a solution of uranyl nitrate with an excess of a neutral solution of potassium sulphite.

Corresponding sodium and ammonium salts of the above complexes have been prepared.

Ammonium and potassium salts of composition R2O.UO3.2SO2 have also been described.

A basic uranyl sulphite, 5(UO2)2SO3.UO2(OH)2.10H2O, has been described, but that this is a definite compound may be questioned.

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