Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Uranium Difluoride
      Uranium Tetrafluoride
      Uranous Oxyfluoride
      Uranium Hexafluoride
      Uranyl Fluoride
      Uranium Trichloride
      Uranium Tetrachloride
      Uranium Pentachloride
      Uranyl Chloride
      Uranyl Chlorate
      Uranyl Perchlorate
      Uranium Tetrabromide
      Uranyl Bromide
      Uranium Tetra-iodide
      Uranyl Iodide
      Uranyl Iodate
      Uranous Oxide
      Uranous Hydroxide
      Uranium Pentoxide
      Urano-uranic Oxide
      Uranium Trioxide
      Ammonium Diuranate
      Ammonium Hexa-uranate
      Hydroxylamine Uranate
      Hydroxylamine Potassio-uranate
      Barium Uranate
      Barium Diuranate
      Bismuth Uranate
      Iron Uranate
      Lithium Uranate
      Potassium Uranate
      Potassium Diuranate
      Potassium Tetra-uranate
      Potassium Hexa-uranate
      Rubidium Uranate
      Silver Diuranate
      Sodium Uranate
      Sodium Diuranate
      Sodium Triuranate
      Sodium Penta-uranate
      Strontium Uranate
      Zinc Uranate
      Peruranic acid
      Ammonium Peruranate
      Barium Peruranates
      Lithium Peruranate
      Nickel Peruranate
      Potassium Peruranate
      Sodium Peruranates
      Uranium Monosulphide
      Uranium Sesquisulphide
      Uranium Disulphide
      Uranium Oxysulphide
      Uranyl Sulphide
      Uranium Sulphite
      Uranyl Sulphite
      Complex Uranyl Sulphites
      Uranium Sulphate
      Uranium Dithionates
      Uranyl Sulphate
      Uranyl Pyrosulphate
      Uranyl Thiosulphate
      Uranyl Dithionate
      Uranium Sesquiselenide
      Uranium Diselenide
      Uranyl Selenide
      Uranyl Selenite
      Uranyl Selenate
      Uranium Telluride
      Uranium Nitrides
      Uranous Nitrate
      Uranyl Nitrate
      Uranium Monophosphide
      Uranous Phosphide
      Uranyl Hypophosphite
      Uranyl Phosphite
      Uranous Phosphates
      Uranyl Phosphates
      Complex Uranyl Phosphates
      Uranyl Aminophosphates
      Uranous Arsenide
      Uranyl Metarsenite
      Uranous Arsenate
      Uranyl Arsenates
      Complex Uranyl Arsenates
      Uranous Antimonide
      Uranous Antimonate
      Uranium Carbide
      Complex Uranyl Carbonates
      Ammonium Uranyl Carbonate
      Calcium Uranyl Carbonate
      Potassium Uranyl Carbonate
      Sodium Uranyl Carbonate
      Thallium Uranyl Carbonate
      Potassium Uranyl Ferrocyanide
      Uranyl Platinocyanide
      Uranyl Cyanate
      Uranyl Thiocyanate
      Uranium Silicide
      Uranium Boride
      Uranyl Perborate
    PDB 1anv-3pu4

Hydroxylamine Uranate

When an aqueous solution of uranyl nitrate (20 grams) and hydroxylamine hydrochloride (10 grams) is treated with 100 c.c. of 7 per cent, ammonia solution, the ammonium diuranate first formed redissolves, and a canary yellow crystalline powder of composition (NH3OH)2UO4.2NH3 is obtained on allowing to crystallise. This compound is stable at ordinary temperatures, begins to lose ammonia when heated above 70° C., and if heated cautiously to 120° C. yields uranic acid, H2UO4. If allowed to remain in contact with cold water for some hours, or if treated with hot water, it yields hydroxylamine uranate, (NH3OH)2UO4.H2O. The latter is also formed when the ammonio compound is heated at 100° C. with glycerol, or treated with acetic acid (2 molecules), excess being avoided; or when freshly precipitated alkali diuranates are acted upon by hydroxylamine hydrochloride.

Hydroxylamine uranate forms well-defined yellowish-green crystals, which, when slowly heated at 125° C., lose water and ammonia and leave a residue of uranic acid containing, according to Kohlschiitter and Vogdt, nitrogen and nitrous oxide in solution, these gases escaping when the residue is dissolved in dilute acids. Friedheim, however, suggests that the residue consists of uranic acid and what may be considered as an anhydride of the uranate, UO2(NH3O)2O, which on treating with acid yields ammonia, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. The uranate readily reduces Fehling's solution.

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