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Potassium Uranate, K2UO4

Potassium Uranate, K2UO4, is formed by fusing together potassium chloride and urano-uranic oxide. If the operation is performed in a platinum crucible, the heat being applied from below, the uranate separates as a crystalline crust at the surface, and can be removed and washed free from potassium chloride by means of water. It may also be obtained by fusing a mixture of uranyl phosphate and potassium sulphate, or a mixture containing uranyl chloride (6 parts), ammonium chloride (16 parts), and potassium chloride (4 parts); or by heating together uranium trioxide and potassium chlorate. After washing with water, orange-yellow pseudohexagonal leaflets remain. The uranate dissolves readily in acids. It may be heated to redness without fusion.

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