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Sodium Uranate, Na2UO4

Sodium Uranate, Na2UO4, may be obtained in the amorphous form by heating together urano-uranic oxide and sodium chlorate; or by heating sodium uranyl acetate or carbonate. The crystalline form is produced by adding the green oxide in small quantities to fused sodium chloride, or by dissolving the amorphous form in fused sodium chloride, and allowing crystallisation to take place. It yields reddish-yellow to greenish-yellow prisms or leaflets. The following values for the heat of formation of sodium uranate have been obtained by Mixter:

UO3 + Na2O = Na2UO4 + 96,100 calories
UO2 + Na2O2 = Na2UO4 + 110,900 calories
U3O8 + Na2O2 + 2Na2O = 3Na2UO4 + 285,100 calories.

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