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Uranium Tetrabromide, UBr4

Uranium Tetrabromide, Uranous Bromide, UBr4, is prepared by passing a mixture of nitrogen or carbon dioxide and bromine vapour over a heated mixture of urano-uranic oxide and charcoal. The product may be purified by sublimation in absence of air. It may also be prepared by heating fused uranous chloride in a current of hydrogen bromide. The bromide is deposited as a sublimate consisting of lustrous dark brown leaflets, of density 4.838 at 21° C. At red heat it yields a dark brown vapour of density 19.46 (air = l), corresponding to a molecular weight 536.6. The theoretical value for UBr4 is 557.9. Uranous bromide is hygroscopic and very soluble in water, but the solution resembles that of uranous chloride in being unstable; hydrogen bromide escapes, and by oxidation yellow uranyl bromide is formed.

Double bromides of the type R2UBr6, similar to the corresponding chlorides, have been prepared by passing uranium tetrabromide vapour over the heated alkali bromides. The potassium and sodium salts, K2UBr6 and Na2UBr6, are green crystalline substances, hygroscopic, but less so than uranium tetrabromide.

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