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Uranyl Hypophosphite, UO2(H2PO2)2

Uranyl Hypophosphite, UO2(H2PO2)2.H2O, is obtained as a yellow crystalline powder when freshly precipitated ammonium di-uranate is digested with aqueous hypophosphorous acid. It is insoluble in water, soluble in acids. On heating, it loses water between 100° and 200° C., and at higher temperatures decomposes with explosive violence, yielding hydrogen and a residue containing the monophosphide as described above. The anhydrous salt, UO2(H2PO2)2, may be prepared by agitating solutions of 1 molecular proportion of uranyl nitrate and 4 molecular proportions of sodium hypophosphite. It separates in yellow microcrystalline prisms, insoluble in water, but readily soluble in excess of either reagent. A pale yellow trihydrate has also been obtained.

By the action of alkali hypophosphites on uranyl hypophosphites the following complex salts have been prepared:

Na[(UO2)(H2PO2)3].3.5H2O, and 5H2O;
Na[(UO2)2(H2PO2)5].4.5H2O, and 6H2O;

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