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Uranyl Thiocyanate, UO2(CNS)2

Uranyl Thiocyanate, UO2(CNS)2.8H2O, may be obtained by the addition of barium thiocyanate to a solution of uranyl sulphate, and evaporation of the resulting red solution in a vacuum over sulphuric acid. It separates in orange-yellow needles, which are very hygroscopic and readily dissolve in water, alcohol, ether, and acetone; ether may be used for extracting it from its aqueous solution. The addition of pyridine to its aqueous solution precipitates a crystalline basic salt of composition 5UO2(CNS)2.UO3.xH2O.

Double salts of the types R3UO2(CNS)5.6H2O and R5UO2(CNS)7.2H2O are formed on the addition of an alkali thiocyanate to a solution of uranyl thiocyanate. On evaporation, the double compound separates in orange-yellow to dark red, very deliquescent, crystals. The alkaline earth metals only form double salts of the type R••UO2(CNS)4.6H2O. None of these double thiocyanates in aqueous solution exhibits the properties of a complex salt. Cryoscopic measurements indicate a complete dissociation into the simple ions.

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